Tuition and Fees

Registration Fee $100
Covers all supplies, processing, and an adorable yearbook to capture the memories! 

Preschool hours: 8:30am-12:30pm
With flexible scheduling!  You will not be stuck with a traditional Tues/Thurs or Mon/Wed/Fri schedule; choose your own schedule based off your needs (and of course availability)
Tuition is a yearly amount, broken into 9 equal monthly payments, Sept-May. A summer camp program is offered for an additional charge. 
  • 1 day per week- $180/mo 

  • 2 days per week-  $360/mo 

  • 3 days per week-  $490/mo 

  • 4 days per week-  $570/mo 

  • 5 days per week-  $660/mo 

 Is my child ready for preschool? 

          - Age 3 - 5 years old

          - Fully potty trained

          - Ready to learn in a classroom setting

Studies show that children exposed to mixed-age socialization tend to display more positive social behaviors, are deeper critical thinkers, and display more self-confidence than their peers. 

Class structure 

Every student at Streamline Christian Academy will receive instruction tailored to meet their individual needs:

Our 3 year old level 2 students will receive advanced curriculum and instruction, helping to create a stronger academic foundation. They will receive the benefit of learning from the older students, and interacting with older, more competent children who set good examples for cognition and behavior.

Our 4-5 year old level 2 students not only receive pre-k and TK level instruction, but have many leadership opportunities to help them learn to be a good role model, practice their verbal skills, build their confidence, problem solve, resolve conflicts, and practice leadership and independent work skills, all necessary for successful Kindergarten entry!

8:30am: Arrival

Before arriving at school, please have your child use the restroom (at your home right before you leave). Upon arrival, students hands will be washed in our outdoor sink. This minimizes potty accidents, potty distractions, and ensures that germs stay out of the school. 

8:45: Light BREakfast

All students should eat breakfast prior to coming to school, but this light breakfast offered at school helps ensure everyone's tummies are nice and filled and ready to learn and grow!

9:00-9:30: circle time

Story time, share, the bible, calendar, letters, colors, shapes, numbers, and weather are all introduced and discussed.  We also teach a lesson from our Core Knowledge curriculum, covering a variety of developmentally appropriate topics. ​

9:30: Potty/wash hands

With a focus on self-help skills and cleanliness, students are separated boys from girls and encouraged to try and go potty. 

9:45-11:00 Small Group Rotations/Playtime

TABLE TIME: Name writing, art, number or letter tracing, playdoh, scissor cutting, and other fine motor development activities

PLAYGROUND: Free exploration of the playground including our trampoline, building toys, garden, and mud kitchen!

SCIENCE/MATH ACTIVITIES: So many fun things take place including hands on science experiments, this is sure to be one of your child's favorite activities!

11:00-11:15 share

Sharing is caring! Each day your child will bring a small toy to school, and during share time they will get a chance to practice their public speaking and sharing skills, as well as verbal skills through a little Q&A session with their friends!

11:15-12:00 Potty/lunch

After going potty and washing our hands, lunch will be provided! Using mostly organic/minimally process products, a main course, fruit, and vegetable will be offered!

12:00-12:20 Worship/ closing

We love to sing and dance to the kids worship musician Jana Alayra, praising God for all his amazing-ness! We will close with reward charts, closing songs, and of course hugs to all our friends and teachers.

12:20-12:30 pick-up

Students will be led to the front to be picked up, they will stay in the shade for safety and excused when their adult is in the "pick-up" zone.