Tuition and Daily Schedule

Registration Fee $125

Covers all books, supplies, a yearbook, and 1 uniform shirt!  Additional uniform shirts available for purchase for $10. 

Preschool Tuition 8:30am-1pm
With flexible scheduling!  You will not be stuck with a traditional Tues/Thurs or Mon/Wed/Fri schedule, choose your own schedule based off your needs (and of course availability)

 Is my child ready for preschool? 

          Age 2.5 - 5 years old

          Fully potty trained

          Emotionally ready to learn in a classroom setting

2 days per week-  $345/mo

3 days per week-  $470/mo

4 days per week-  $550/mo

5 days per week-  $630/mo

Studies show that children exposed to mixed-age socialization tend to display more positive social behaviors, are deeper critical thinkers, and display more self-confidence than their peers. 

Every student at Streamline Christian Academy will receive instruction tailored to meet their individual needs.

Our 3 year old students who attend 3-5 days per week will receive advanced curriculum and instruction, helping to create a stronger academic foundation. They will receive the benefit of learning from the older students, and interacting with older, more competent children who set good examples for cognition and behavior.

Our 4-5 year old students not only receive pre-k and TK level instruction, but have many leadership opportunities to help them learn to be a good role model, practice their verbal skills, build their confidence, problem solve, resolve conflicts, and practice leadership and independent work skills, all necessary for successful Kindergarten entry!

Daily Schedule
8:25am- School Doors Open

            Please take your child potty and wash their hands.  This minimizes potty accidents, potty distractions, and ensures that germs stay out of the classroom!

8:30-8:45 Welcome Centers/Flexible Drop-Off

            Your child should hang up their backpack (filled with an extra set of clothes), put their water bottle away, write their name on the feeling board, then choose a toy or friend to play with.

8:45-9:10 Circle Time

Story time, the bible, calendar, letters, color, shapes, numbers, and weather are all introduced and discussed.  We also teach a lesson from our Core Knowledge curriculum, covering a variety of developmentally appropriate topics. 

9:10-9:35 Table Time/Fine Motor Development

            Students will be dismissed to the tables for table time. Name writing, art, number or letter tracing, playdough, scissor cutting, and other fine motor development activities will be introduced!

9:35-10:00 Potty/Snack

            All students are required to “try” to go potty.  Sometimes nothing comes out, and that is A-OK! We will all wash our hands and make “super bubbles”, before returning to the classroom for snack.  First we pray, then we take turns passing out napkins, cups, and snack.  Students must raise their hands and ask to be excused before leaving the table.  Once excused, they throw their trash in the trashcan, push in their chair, and line up to go outside!

10:00-10:15 PE/Gross Motor Development

            We begin on the carpet area outside for stretching, then we move to the cul-de-sac and run laps to get those hearts beating!

10:15-10:45 Playground/Gardening

            The students are now free to explore the outdoor space.  The swing, the water table, the sandbox area, the grass area, hoola hoops, balls, legos, dinosaurs, animals, and more! Students are also free to water and prune our garden where we have lots of fruits and vegetables growing!

10:45-11:00 Outdoor Science/Math Activities

            We come back together for a group science or math related activity. So many fun things take place, this is sure to be one of your child’s favorite activities!

11:00-11:30 Indoor Free Centers

            We then come back to the classroom for student led centers. Students are taught HOW each toy works, and how to take out 1 toy, play with it, then put it back before taking out the next toy.  Social skills and social integration are the focus.  Individual academic or social needs may also be worked on during this time.   

11:30-11:40 Worship

            We love to sing and dance to the kids worship musician Jana Alayra!  We usually do 2 songs during this fun singing and dancing time!

11:40-12:30 Potty/Lunch

            Once again, we head to the restroom for all students to “try”.  After washing hands, we head back to the classroom to have our healthy lunch!  Prayer requests first, prayer, then students are served lunch and encouraged to "try" new and different foods everyday!

12:30 Share/Closing Circle

            After we have packed up our belongings, we gather for the end-of-the-day stamps, special activities, and share.  All students are encouraged to bring a toy from home each day and practice their verbal and public speaking skills.

12:45 Clean-Up

            Another student favorite, the kids LOVE our clean-up song!  Using Young Living Thieves Essential Oil natural cleaner and baby wipes, our students help maintain a clean and germ free environment while taking pride and ownership in their classroom!

12:50-1:00 Quite Reading/Activities/Flexible Pick-Up

            And finally, our day is over.  We gather on our classroom rug to read books, as the students eagerly wait for their turn to be picked up.  And don't be surprised if your child is tired and ready to take a nap right when they get home from their busy, fun filled day of learning and growing!

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