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Once you have checked out the website in detail, text or call us Ms. Vanessa at 949-689-5195 to schedule an in person meet-up!


Click to print, fill out, and/or return (via email or in person) the following document:


And these documents are for your reference: 


Pay yours fees to reserve your spot!

We accept Venmo, Zelle, or cash!


  • Are vaccination records a required component of admission?
    No, due to teaching in a 100% outdoor environment, vaccination records are not required
  • What credentials do your teacher have?
    We believe that educated adults should be educating the next generation, therefore all of our teachers have a level of higher education, as well as training and workshops specific towards science, math, and outdoor learning.
  • Are your teachers CPR certified?
    Yes! All teachers are pediatric CPR certified. In addition, we carry a first aid kit and LifeVac system on us.
  • What level of background checks do your teachers have?
    Our teachers go through the same level of background checks and fingerprint clearance through the DOJ and FBI as all preschool teachers in the State of California do
  • What happens if it rains or we have other inclement weather?
    There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing! But in the event of extreme weather where it would be unsafe to be outside, then class with either be rescheduled or moved to an indoor location for that day.
  • Exactly what parks are you at every day?
    Monday and Wednesday we are in the Laguna Niguel area, and Tuesday/Thursday we are in the Lake Forest area. Please call 949-689-5195 to discuss exact park locations!
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